How 'bout Them Apples

Your apples from Walmart may look a little less perfect from now on. For the first time, Walmart is selling “ugly apples” at a discount in an effort it says will help reduce food waste.
 The idea is that a Red Delicious is just as delicious, and nutritious, even if it’s misshapen, twisted or bruised.
 “Mother Nature can throw a curveball such as a hailstorm, high winds or even a string of very hot sunny days, which can damage the exterior finish of fruits. While the texture and flavor remain perfect, the exterior damage usually renders these fruits unsellable in the fresh market because they fail to meet traditional grade standards,” explained Walmart in a statement announcing a brand of Washington state ugly apples called “I’m Perfect.” The line includes 12 varieties, from Granny Smiths to Red Delicious, the company says.
 Consumer preferences for perfect-looking fruit are contributing to a food waste problem that sends 80 billion pounds of edible produce to our landfills, according to Supermarket News. According to the Sierra Club, an environmental group, industry standards that require produce to look as perfect as possible are creating beauty standards that are “tougher than that of a New York modeling agency.” Walmart is launching its pilot program by selling the apples at 300 stores across Florida. It started selling ugly potatoes in Texas stores earlier this year.

​Here’s Why People Want Walmart to Sell Ugly Potatoes

 While not mentioned in the latest statement, Walmart’s move happens just after a petition last month that urged the retailer to start selling ugly fruit and vegetables. The petition got over 100,000 signatures. Other retailers have embarked on similar moves recently, including Whole Foods, Associated Food Stores and Giant Eagle.