Fruit Smoothies are Trending now

A new trend for the produce industry. So what’s the latest for fruit this year? A healthy and nutritious trend, pureeing fruit is something easy and fun that you can do at home, right in your own kitchen. Grab an apron and whip out what’s sure to be your new favorite treat. Pureed fruit is nutritious, delightful, and not high in calories at all! In 2016, pureed fruit is definitely a trend to try.
Fruit Puree Drinks with summer in full swing, nothing is better than a refreshing, fruity drink. Try a watermelon limeade with pureed watermelon and lime juice for a low calorie and tasty treat.
We’re also a fan of a sweet pureed peach bellini. The natural sugars in fruit will also keep you from crashing later. Great  for summer birthday parties, pureed cocktails are sure to be a hit. Add some cinnamon or nutmeg if you really want to spice things up!
Homemade Fruit Puree Baby Food, pureed baby food is easy to make at home in the food processor. It’s a healthy way to provide your children with the nutrients they need, and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing exactly what’s going into it.
For babies that are just starting out with solid foods, pureed fruits are an excellent way to start out. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, you can make sure your baby is getting only the best ingredients. Apples and berries are great fruits to try first!
Cold Fruit Puree Soups, chilled fruit soups? Who would have thought! Pureed soups are a unique meal that you may not have tried. A cold pureed soup of cantaloupes and peaches is exactly what you need when it’s too hot this summer to cook a warm dinner.
Top with raspberries, sliced fruit, or crème' fraiche and this will be your new favorite. There’s no end to the combinations you can create!
Salad Fruit Purees A mango puree is great atop a quinoa and arugula salad. Or if you’re a citrus fanatic, try a tangy mandarin puree. You won’t be disappointed with the vibrant twist this will instantly add to any salad.
Serve with a maple vinaigrette or a lemon dressing and sprinkle on a dash of cilantro! These are easy to make and are sure to be a favorite at family dinners and upcoming summer parties.